maandag 14 juni 2010

Bobby Orlando - The Best Of

Genre: Disco
Year: 1991
Bitrate: 192kb mp3
Size: 102mb
Covers: no

01 I'm So Hot 4 You (Extended Version)
02 She Has a Way (Extended Version)
03 Beat by Beat (Extended Version)
04 How to Pick up Girls (Extended Version)
05 Lonely Too Long (Extended Version)
06 Give It Up (Extended Version)
07 Man Like Me (Extended Version)
08 Confusion (Extended Version)
09 Pump It Up (Extended Version)
10 Whisper to a Scream (Extended Version)
11 Mixed Up World (Extended Version)
12 Suspicious Minds (Extended Version)
13 I'll Never Find Another Girl Like You (Extended Version)
14 Reputation (Extended Version)
15 Hangin' On (Extended Version)

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